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Accident and Witness Camera Recorders

Witness Camera | Prevent Insurance Fraud | Protect Your No Claims Bonus

Use your in car dashboard camera to produce evidence from an accident, so that in an event of a crash it is clear to see who was to blame, and protect your no claims bonus.  Don't get caught out by a "Crash For Cash" scam.

You'll also be able to record incidents of road rage, record your daily driving,  You can even use your dashboard camera to watch over your car when it's parked, if you're worried about vandals.

Why not use your dashboard camera to film your off road track days and road rallies too?

Companies will also benefit, thanks to reduced fuel consumption, fewer incidents and lower cost repairs. Using a dashboard camera in your fleet of vehicles is like having a manager sat in the passenger seat watching over your drivers' behaviour. 

With models from BlackVue, Roadhawk, Mio Mivue, and Snooper, you'll find the perfect dashboard camera here.