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SmartWitness KP1 - 3G Video Events Transmission Vehicle Accident Camera
All In One 3G Transmission Vehicle Accident Camera with Instant 3G Video Transmission of Events.
SmartWitness KP1-INT2 Junction Box/Advance Wiring Interface
Advance wiring interface for KP1 camera
SmartWitness KP1-PWK Permanent Wiring Kit
SmartWitness Permanent Wiring Kit With Integrated 24V/12V to 5V DC Voltage Reducer For the KP1 - KP1-PWK 
SmartWitness SD/MMC/RS-MMC Reader - P-SCC100-150-GPS-CD2-USB
SmartWitness SD/MMC/RS-MMC Reader - P-SCC100-150-GPS-CD2-USB
SmartWitness SVA022-S Internal Camera
The SVA002 is an optional add on which is compatible with KP1/SVC400E,SCV400GPS cameras, which is to be placed internally to keep an eye on the driver or the cargo 
SmartWitness SVC1080-LCA - Full HD Accident Camera with Permanent Wiring and Locking Case
The SVC1080-LCA is a Vehicle Accident camera with Full HD (1080P) recording. In addition to this, the camera is equipped with a 3 Axis Shock Sensor & GPS for measuring braking, acceleration, driving style and recording location.