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BMW Reversing Camera System

Why you should consider installing a BMW reversing camera kit


With the number of both passenger and commercial vehicles on the road increasing year-on-year, road safety for drivers, passengers and even third parties has never been more of a priority.


Unfortunately the rise in traffic has also brought a rise in unnecessary claims along for the ride. Sometimes being alert and pro-active about road safety simply isn’t enough; we’re all human, and accidents will always happen, but the more you prioritise safety the more protected you’ll be against these unnecessary claims.


Vehicle technology progresses rapidly, especially safety features, but not every car takes advantage of this. One of the most popular safety features to be developed since parking sensors became common in most modern cars is the reversing camera, and with good reason. They can be fully integrated into the safety management system of your vehicle, so they’re unobtrusive, yet become indispensible when it comes to reversing.


Dynamic Guide Lines Reversing Camera


Visibility around a vehicle when reversing is one of those things that tend to come as an afterthought, but how many times have you struggled to see what’s behind whilst attempting to reverse? If it’s not pedestrians walking into the driver’s blind spot, it’s bollards, walls, other vehicles and hundreds of other obstacles that could cause accidental damage to yourself, your vehicle, pedestrians or other road users simply because of poor visibility.


BMW Reversing Camera


Car Communications supply and install genuine OEM rear view camera systems that fully integrate into the vehicle and the infotainment system just like a factory fit option. Where genuine retrofit is not possible we can supply high quality replica systems which work just like the factory fitted equivalent, such as our BMW rear camera kits.


We also sell budget solutions for vehicles where it is not possible to integrate into the existing vehicle screen, or where a screen does not exist or generally for customers on a limited budget. The budget kit is also a very popular option that consists of a vehicle specific camera, or a universal camera and a rear view mirror monitor which provides a rear image when the reverse gear is selected.


The BMW OEM style rear camera kits supplied by Car Communications is an integrated high-quality rear view camera kit. It is designed to work with the factory navigation system and BMW iDrive. Just like the factory camera kit, moving guidelines are displayed when turning the steering whilst also maintaining your factory rear sensor display, which is super-imposed over the rear image.


A discreet universal camera is fitted near the boot grab handle or, if you prefer, where possible you can opt for a replacement boot grab handle with the camera built in. Each camera supplied by Car Communications utilises a Sony CCD lens and the resulting image on the iDrive is fantastic, and in many cases better than the factory rear camera option.


The kit has been specially designed with the manufacturer and has been perfected to work fully integrated with the BMW iDrive system. Don’t be fooled by the cheaper alternatives claiming to utilise the iDrive system; you’ll either lose your factory fitted rear parking display or you’ll need to buy separate screens so they can work in tandem.


Our reverse camera kit maintains all of the factory options as standard, and we’ve have had the kits manufactured in such a way that all the software is built into the device and therefore no programming or coding is required after the kit has been installed.


Car Communications has a customer service team waiting to speak to you today, so get in touch by calling 01254 694537 or filling in our online contact form.

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