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Dension Gateway 500S/ 500S BT Car Music Adapter

Dension Gateway 500S/ 500S BT Car Music Adapter

The Gateway 500S is a digital car adapter, using fibre-optic connections, which works with cars that use the MOST (Media Oriented System Transport) digital system to carry entertainment information around the car.

Supported cars are mainly the higher specification models of Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, plus some Aston Martin and Volvo models.

There are two variants of the adapter, the 500S (model GW52MO1) and the 500S BT (model GW52MO2). The latter also supports Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to pair a phone for hands-free telephone or stream music from your device wirelessly.


Once the Gateway 500S or 500S BT is installed, you can connect your iPod, iPhone or USB device including a smartphone - example Samsung Android or Windows Lumia and play music through your car speakers. You can also display the contents of your device including artist and song name on your vehicle screen.  You can control the music with your carstereo and steering wheelbuttons.
Audi A6 Cluster  


You can also add an optional DAB adapter and your car instantly has integrated digital radio and you can listen to all the digital stations BBC 5 Live, Smooth radio and many more.  There are no extra boxes to stick on the dashboard, or unsightly cables trailing around the vehicle. The interior of your car looks exactly like it did the day you bought it, it just does a lot more entertaining.
Porsche PCM  


  • Play iPod and USB music devices through the car radio, using the car radio controls to browse and select items from your device.
  • Make and receive phone calls, hands free, or stream music from your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Display song information, phonebook and caller ID in the car’s stereo system.
  • See phonebook information on your displays in the car and browse using the radio or steering wheel controls.Charge your iPod/iPhone or smartphone whilst driving.
BMW iDrive  


Instant control at your fingertips:

The Gateway 500S and 500S BT work like an interpreter between your devices and the car, converting instructions from the car’s controls e.g. Porsche PCM BMW iDrive or Audi MMi rotary controller, into a language that your phone or iPod can understand and respond to.

When connected into the car,Gateway 500S and 500S BT emulate a CD changer, but has a bypass switch which allows you to swap between the Gateway and the changer.

The Dension Gateway 500S comes with a comprehensive user manual, but in most cases to access the music on your device, you select the CD changer function, then CD6, and a series of menus are opened up to you to control your devices. The system controller in the car is then all you need to navigate around your devices.
Audi MMI


If you’re unsure which one is right for you and your vehicle, give our experts a call on 01254 694537 for friendly, professional advice. Our national installation team can professionally install and code your vehicle for you at your home. Please contact us for further details.