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How to Choose the Right Car Stereo

We know that not everyone shares our passion for car audio, so if you’re not sure what to look for when you need a new car stereo, here’s what we think you should consider.

1. Why would you change your car stereo?

If you’re fed up with poor sound quality, are spending more time in the car, or have just changed your car, then maybe you need a new car stereo.  You might be replacing an old cassette player or wondering whether there’s an alternative to a CD multichanger.

2. SD card, Aux in, USB?

Nowadays, you don’t just have to settle for the radio or a CD to provide you with in car entertainment.  Depending on the model of car stereo you choose, you can listen to your MP3 music via an SD card, aux in lead or even via a USB pen drive.  This convenience means that you never have to carry a huge CD collection with you in the car to listen to your favourite songs.

3. Bluetooth

Bluetooth car stereos allow you to pair your phone with your car audio system.  This will let you make and take calls safely and legally without needing a dedicated car kit.  Although you may miss out on some functionality and convenience, it’s extremely cost effective.

4. Brands

We sell the leading car audio brands that you know well, including Alpine, JVCKenwood and Sony, as well as some brands you may not know.  

We only stock the brands and models we’d use in our cars, so you will be reassured that if we sell it then it’s good enough for us, and so should meet your requirements.

5. Seamless integration

We can make it look like your new car stereo was originally supplied with your car, thanks to our range of car-model specific fitting kits and fascias. Your new in car sound system won’t look out of place and won’t attract the wrong sort of attention.

6. Remote control

Although remote control might seem like a bit of a gimmick in the car, you’ll be much safer using a remote control to operate your car stereo.  Some models have a wireless remote control, like a smaller version of your TV remote, so your or any of your passengers can quickly find favourite tracks or change the radio station.  Other models will integrate with your existing radio controls on your steering wheel, meaning that you can leave your hands on the steering wheel.

7. Display

The digital display will provide you with the information you need. From the radio station you’re listening to, to the name of who’s calling you, you’ll be able to see everything at a glance. On some models it’s possible to change the display colours, making it easier to read at night, or even in bright sunshine.

8. Sound quality

Car audio sound quality is important, and so you can be confident that when you choose one of our car stereos, you’ll be impressed with how clear your in car entertainment is.   Whether you listen to Radio 4, or dance music, we’ve got the right car audio for you.  Remember than better car speakers and an amplified subwoofer will make a big difference too.

9. Value for money

Our car stereos offer great value for  money, and are definitely a worthwhile investment,  If you enjoy your music, listening to talk radio or podcasts, or just spend a long time in the car, then don’t you deserve a better car radio?.

10. Car Audio Installation

We understand that not everyone has the skills, time or patience to install a new car stereo and get it working at its best. That’s why we’ve got a dedicated car audio installation team who will fit your new car stereo for you.

If you’d prefer to let us do the hard work, or don’t know one end of a car electronics wiring loom from another, then just let us know when you order, and we’ll gladly fit your new car stereo for you.

Whatever your budget or requirements, we can supply you with a better in car audio system.  Not convinced? Why not put us to the test today by giving us a call on 01254 694537 or fill in our quick and simple contact form. We’re happy to help you.


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