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How To Choose the Right In Car Dashboard Camera

If you want to buy a dashboard camera for your car, to record your journeys, or to visually demonstrate what happened in the event of an accident, then here’s what you need to know.

1. Where to start when you're choosing the right dashboard camera

There are lots of brands to choose from, and there are no real established leaders yet.  However, out of the ones we have tested, we fully recommend Novus, Roadhawk and Mio MiVue.

 These ones meet our exacting standards, and are proven to provide excellent quality, reliability and a great price too.

2. Price range

Dashboard Camera prices vary considerably, and we’ve found that you get what you pay for.  The cheap models we looked at often use inferior components, or turn out to be less reliable than other more expensive dash cams.  We would rather offer a better product, and know that it still represents excellent value for money 

3. Build Quality and Heat Resistance

Build quality is really important, and so you’ll want to make sure that the dash cam you buy is going to last, and will be suitable for going over the different types of road surface.  

Heat resistance is another important consideration, even here in the UK.  A bright sunny day can mean that the camera on your dashboard gets very hot very quickly.  You won’t want to discover that your camera won’t work in the summer.  Also, heat resistance will be even more important to you if you drive abroad a lot.

4. Size and Security

Some dash cameras are similar in size to a compact digital camera, and so are quite big, if you’re concerned about your view out of the windscreen when you’re driving, or leaving your camera mounted in place when you’re parked, you’ll want a small dashboard camera.

You’ll want to make sure that you can mount your dash cam on the windscreen, and that it’s easy to take off when you’re out of the car for security reasons.If it’s too difficult to mount or remove, you won’t want to use it every journey.  

If you choose a discrete dashboard cam, you might want to leave it recording when you park somewhere unfamiliar.  This will give you the peace of mind that if anything happens to your car, you’ll have the footage to show what happened.

5. Dashboard Camera Features 

You’ll want to look for features such as a wide angle lens, mute button, night vision, and GPS to help you make the most of every journey you record.  What might seem a trivial omission now, might mean the difference between using your dashboard camera all the time, and using it once and never again.

6. Looping Video

You’ll want to know whether you need to manually delete video footage from your memory card, or whether the dashboard camera will automatically loop and record over old footage.  You won’t want to miss an event because you hadn’t sorted out your memory card.

7. Dashboard Camera Video Quality

Video quality is essential, and you’ll want to get the best quality camera you can.  You’ll want to look for HD quality so that the footage is highly detailed, sharp and crisp, no matter what sort or size of screen the footage is played back on. As accidents happen in seconds, you’ll want to make sure that your camera captures the action, as it happen

8. Front or Front and Rear Facing Dashboard Camera

Some models of dash cam have the ability to record from the rear as well as the front.  This makes them even more useful, and shows what happened behind you too.  

9. Start Up Time

You’ll be looking for a start up time of just a few seconds, so that you can start recording your journey as soon as you set off.  You won’t want to wait for a minute or two before you can set off.  As soon as you’ve put your seatbelt on, and sorted the radio out, you’ll be recording.

10. Value

No matter which in car dashboard camera you buy, you’ll want value for money.  Rather than chosing by price, you’ll want to make sure that you get the features, ease of use, and convenience that you need.  

Still not sure which Dashboard Camera is for you? Give us a call on 01254 694537 today, or fill in our quick and simple contact form and tell us what you need.

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