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Vauxhall Bluetooth Hands-Free Telephone System

Vauxhall Opel Fully Integrated Bluetooth Handsfree Telephone Kit with A2DP Music Streaming

Vauxhall Opel

Is your Vauxhall or Opel vehicle Bluetooth ready? If your car is compatible (see our list below), but the telephone button on your steering wheel or stereo does nothing but mute the radio we can install a Bluetooth hands-free system that will fully support your telephone.

Completely hidden behind your dashboard and controlled through your multi-function steering wheel buttons or stereo head unit, just like a factory fitted system, this retrofitted Vauxhall Bluetooth Systemintegrates perfectly with your vehicle. The Meta Voice seamlessly integrates with the Vauxhall and Opel CD300 or CD400 radio and steering wheel buttons to give you factory style Bluetooth hands-free telephone, supporting A2DP music streaming through the vehicle's audio and speakers.

Pushing the PHONE or AUX button will switch the system to "Bluetooth handsfree kit" using the vehicles's original screen to display the call menu. This allows the driver to scroll through the phone book of the connected phone, dial a number, use the voice call feature or redial the last call made.

Vauxhall Blutooth A2DP

Features for the hands free Blueooth telephone kit



Hands-Free Technology 

Connect your Bluetooth enabled phone to make and receive calls in your Vauxhall or Opelcar using your stereo or multi-function steering wheel. Full echo and noise cancellation from the integrated DSP gives you crystal clear quality. Download your phonebook to get full access to all of your contacts, missed, received and dialed numbers.

Bluetooth Audio

Stream all of your favourite music through your iPod or iPhone wirelessly without the need to connect to the USB port.

Factory Style

Keep your car looking uncluttered with this factory style kit, which fully integrates with nothing stuck to the dashboard.



The Vauxhall MetaSystems Bluetooth & A2DP system is designed to work with the following vehicles:

This system will only work with the following radio systems:

They also need to have either:

Please note this system is not suitable for:

If you are still unsure give the experts at Car Communications a call on 01254 694537 for friendly, professional advice or get in touch through our contact us form.


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