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What is an iPod Integration Kit?

                                                 iPod & Phone Intergration

The most popular way to listen to music in a car used to be CDs. CD changers were the largest music storage device that drivers could use to connect their car audio systems however, iPods, Smart Phones and MP3 players are now a leading choice for many road users. 

Due to the quality of sound and the vast size of storage capacity these devices have they have killed off the CD market. Also the fact the device is pocket size and people carry it around, it has become more convenient for the drivers to simply plug and start listening.

Now many car manufacturers are designing new vehicles that allow simple integration of such devices with the cars’ audio system but older models do not necessarily support this feature. 


If my car is old, does that mean I can’t listen to my iPod or Phone? 


                                                    iPod Dension Integration

Where there is a will there is a way, it is possible to play your iPod, iPhone, or another device by purchasing an integrated iPod Car Kit.


What is an iPod Integration Kit?

Car Communications offer a vast range of adapters and connectors which help you play music in the car and liven up the journey. 
It puts control at your fingertips and you decide the level of sophistication you want. 
Drivers can either plug their iPod or MP3 player into their car’s audio system and be able to select via artist, album or playlist with multifunction controls on the steering wheel and the integrated multifunction display on the device.
Or alternatively, instead of manually plugging the iPod into the connector every time you get in the car, you can instead connect via an integrated kit that has bluetooth technology. By doing so, the device connects to the iPod cable and pairs with your iPod and every time you re-enter the vehicle it establishes automatically, without having to manually select or do anything!

Advantages of a iPod integration Kit


What are the top brands?

  • Dension 

Dension Kit

  • JL Audio

JL Audio Kit

  • Connects2 
  Connects2 Kit
  • Fiscon     

Dice Kit

  • Viseeo     

     Dice Kit

  • Dice     

     Dice Kit



All these names are of the most reputable in the industry for integrated iPod car kits, adapters, connectors and car docks and they’ve all met or exceeded quality tests to give you peace of mind that you are buying the very best car entertainment solution. 
                           Parrot MKi9200
However, if you also require Bluetooth as well as iPod music integration, the Parrot MKi car kits are ideal.
                         Parrot ASTEROID Tablet
And don’t forget you can also get factory fitted radios that can be upgraded to a new stereo that features iPod Integration.

How can I choose the right car kit?


  1. Browse to find your car make.
  2. The exact product and car option will depend on your vehicle type and the head unit fitted to it.
  3. What features do you want? Do you want bluetooth as standard, an iPod port as well as the option to play from a AUX music device?
  4. When you’ve found the right kit for you, add to cart.
  5. Don’t forget installation is available by a trained and qualified engineer. 
We have a UK Nationwide Fitting Service with over 100 certified engineers. So wherever you live, we can find a local installer near you that can come and fit your new iPod car kit quickly and efficiently.
What are you waiting for? Connect your iPod to your car’s entertainment system with our vehicle specific adapters. Got a question or need some technical advice? Call us on 01254 694537 or Get in Touch today.