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What is the Best Hands Free Car Kit for iPhones?

iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus


Apple has recently announced a release date for the much anticipated iPhone 6. 

The consumer electronics company has unveiled two new models of iPhone; the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus which features all the same innards as the 6 but with a 5.5” screen- the largest iPhone screen to date. 

Gadget geeks across the world are buzzing with excitement at the new technology which will contain contactless payments, an upgraded camera and an improved battery life. 

Both handsets will be available in stores on 18th September from 8am and networks haven’t yet announced prices yet.

So will you be getting your hands on one?


It’s important to ensure you and your passengers are safe whilst driving. You’ll need a quality, reliable bluetooth hands free car kit which will allow you to take and make calls legally in your car. 

It is very dangerous to use your mobile phone while driving but hands-free kits give you the ability to still communicate with your friends and loved ones without losing concentration on the road ahead. 

Car Communications offer a hands-free car kit to suit every need and type of car, including iPhones. 


What are the best hands free kits for iPhones?


The most popular is the Parrot range but there are also other brands to consider including Bury, iO Talk 2, iO Play 2 and Dension. 

However, the Parrot range offers something for everyone and caters to all budgets so we’re going to concentrate on this brand in particular…


Parrot CK3100


The is an entry level bluetooth kit which means it is great value for money and simple to operate. Parrot introduced the kit over five years ago but it still as popular as it was when it was first launched. The CK3100 can be supplied and professionally fitted from £199.


Parrot MKI9000  Parrot MKI9200Parrot MKI9100

If you want a hands free kit that will also give you the ability to get music through the car speakers, this range is ideal for you. 

Ranging from £125-£250, these products all feature bluetooth as standard and an iPod integration package. 


The Parrot MKI9000 kit is a fantastic system that features wireless remote control and cutting-edge telephony functions and is ideal for those on a tight budget. It is the cheapest but doesn’t include installation and radio speaker harness, so you will need to fit it yourself or hire an installer who can do it for you. 

The Parrot MKI9100 is ideal for those also wanting a screen to display the phonebook and music artist. It is supplied as a package and includes a vehicle specific radio speaker harness and mobile installation at your home. 

The MKI9200 is the top of the range out of all the Parrot models and comes complete with a high resolution TFT colour screen. 



Parrot App Store


If you want to be able to access your iPhone apps whilst driving, the Asteroid Mini and Asteroid Tablet are the top of the range. 

The Parrot Asteroid Mini is a hands-free multimedia system that offers access to all your music sources and hands-free features.

You can connect to the internet on the move, have voice activated music search and it has a simple, innovative design making it easy to use. 

Most importantly though, you can connect to various applications from Google Play Store or from the Asteroid Market and download anything you like such as:


Whether you want an app for navigation, music on demand, web radio or driving assistance, the Parrot Asteroid hands free car kits are ideal for you. 


What if I just want to make and take calls?



Parrot Minikit Neo 2



Don’t forget there are also additional accessories you can get for your iPhone. If you don’t want all the fancy extras but something that will simply connect you to your phone for calls, the Parrot Minikit NEO 2 is perfect. 

At less than £70, the bluetooth visor speaker attaches to your sun visor allowing you to connect with the contacts in your phonebook. However, you can also use it at home or in the office and it is a fab way to save space in the vehicle. 

So please feel free to check out our extensive range of iPhone hands free car kits and if you need help installing it, use our ‘Find An Installer’ page to source a professional fitter near you. 

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