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Why You Need an In Car Dashboard Camera

If you’ve heard a bit about in car dashboard cameras, but are not sure why you need one, then here’s what you need to know.

1. Easier insurance claims

In the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident, or suffer damage to your vehicle as a result of someone else's driving, you’ll be able to save time and money on insurance claims.  You'll be able to call on video footage that clearly shows that an accident wasn’t your fault.

2. Film every moment of your journey

A dashboard camera films every moment of your journey, from the moment you start the engine, to the moment you turn off the ignition.  This can be invaluable if you drive a lot, either just to and from work and socially, drive as part of your job, or you’re a professional drive, such as a taxi driver, or lorry driver  You will have peace of mind on every journey.

3. Improving Technology

Dashboard cameras are getting more sophisticated and advanced.  that This measnt that the video quality is getting better, and so is the functionality.  With HD quality,  GPS tracking, and front and rear cameras available, you'll be able to film every moment of your journey in stunning detail.  Look for in car cameras with the ability to mute the microphone,  so that it doesn't record you singing along with the radio!

We're really impressed with the Novus, Roadhawk and Mio MiVue range of in car cameras, and think that you will be too.

4. Quick Start

As they start up almost instantly, using a dedicated in car dashboard camera will be much quicker and more convenient than setting up your camcorder, or using your phone to record your journey.

5. Durable

Unlike camcorders and phones, dashboard cameras are designed and manufactured to be able to withstand the heat and movement of being attached to a car windscreen or You can buy with confidence, and know that you’re recording every moment of your journey, even on a hot day on the bumpiest road.

6. Reduce Anxiety

If you drive alone at night, or with your children, or are concerned about crime where you drive, or often need to drive to unfamiliar places for work, then you'll benefit from the added security of being able to record your journey.

7. Record when parked

As well as recording your journey, you can use your dashboard camera to record what happens when your car is parked. Perhaps you often need to park in an unlit car park or street, or there are people hanging around near your car.

8. Businesses 

Fleet users with tens, hundred or thousands of vehicles can use dashboard cameras to ensure that their drivers are protected in the event of an incident or accident, or that their mileage or timings are accurate.  With GPS tracking, you'll know that your drivers are not speeding, and are taking the most efficient or quickest route, to save time and money.

9. Hands Free

As dashboard cameras start and stop automatically, there is no need to take your hands off the wheel to start or stop the recording. Instead of frantically trying to find the record button on your camcorder or phone, you’ll be reassured that you’re recording whatever is going on when you drive.

10. Value

Representing excellent value for money, you’ll soon appreciate just how much you rely on your dashboard camera.

Whether you want to review the dangerour driver that pulled out at a junction in front of you, want to be safe when you’re driving at night, or want to know that you can contest a speeding ticket or prove to the police that you weren’t to blame for an accident, you’ll quickly and easily be able to do it.

Now you know why in car dashboard cameras are so useful, isn’t it time for you to buy one?


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