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Dash Camera Uncovered – the ultimate buyers guide

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Why do you need a dash camera 

Prices are forever on the increase when it comes to cars. If you aren’t forking out funds for repairs and replacement parts, you are paying inflated insurance premiums to protect you and your wheels from physical, mental, legal and financial damage.

This is without mentioning the emergency money you may need in case of a claim made against you – insurance pay-outs are growing in commonality and cost, as well as car crime scammers becoming progressively clever.

You never know when an accident is about to happen, which is why you need to be prepared. Introducing the dash board camera.


What is a dash board camera?

This specific type of camera is small, discreet and can be placed on the dashboard of your car for many reasons; this is mainly to provide evidence in case you are involved in an accident or your vehicle suffers damage that someone else has inflicted.

A one channel dash camera operates from the front of your car; however a two channel dash camera consists of both a front and rear camera for extra security and peace of mind.


There can be many benefits to installing a dash board camera:


Which one do I choose?

When it comes to selecting the right camera for you, the main factors to consider are the price range and how secure you want to feel. You really do get what you pay for, as a higher priced camera is usually more reliable, durable and better value for money in the long run. You may also want the extra features that a more expensive camera offers. In terms of security, consider a two channel system for front and rear recording and some cameras have better night recording vision.

Some of our cameras also feature something called Power Magic PRO. This blackbox optional extra  makes your camera switch to  a ‘Parking Mode’ after you turn off your vehicle and immediately starts recording when any motion is detected or if your vehicle is moved or knocked. This system also automatically cuts off the power when the vehicle voltage drops below a threshold to avoid a battery drain.

Our top picks:

BlackVue DR650GW-1CH In-car Full HD Dash Cam

BlackVue DR650GW-1CH In-car Full HD Dash Cam


A brand new BlackVue model, this one channel dash board camera boasts a full HD high quality image, 129° wide-angle lens, full body rotation and a CMOS Sensor. GPS supported, you can record accurate date and speed, as well as many recording modes so that you can get the most of this camera for driving or parking.

You can view live recordings, play back videos, share with social media and back up. When you remove the SD Card and plug it into the computer you can then easily analyse how the accident was occurred with the Road Eye software.


BlackVue DR650GW  In-car Full HD 2 Channel Dash Cam

BlackVue DR650GW In-car Full HD 2 Channel Dash Cam


One of our most popular cameras that has also been released in 2015 and consists of two channels for extra protection to your vehicle. You can check the front and rear footage with the built in Wi-Fi app; this is for Android, iPhone and Windows 8 that allows users to play live or recorded BlackVue videos via a smartphone or tablet PC via Wi-Fi connection.

This two channel system is also full HD quality, and has a 129° wide-angle lens to record more accurate and clear visuals.


THINKWARE Accident Dash Camera F750 (optional internal/rear camera)

THINKWARE Accident Dash Camera F750 (optional internal/rear camera)


What’s special about this Thinkware dash board camera is the lane departure warning system which alerts the driver when the vehicle drifts out of its lane, as well as a front collision warning system which informs the driver when getting too close to the vehicle in front. It also has a safety camera alert for various types of cameras that you come across on a typical journey. This is as well as a 140° angle view and full HD quality recordings, and a dual save system for extra backup of your footage.


THINKWARE Accident Dash Camera H50 (optional GPS antenna)

THINKWARE Accident Dash Camera H50 (optional GPS antenna)


The Thinkware H50 camera may be an entry level model, yet it is still reliable and possesses great qualities such as a 720px HD camera, 120 wide viewing angle and an external GPS (it can record the vehicle’s driving speed and precisely pinpoints its location and routes on the map).

You can also access the recorded videos with time, speed, and location data on your Windows PC.


How do I install my dash board camera?

Most cameras do not require a complex installation; all you need to do is ‘plug and play’. Nevertheless wires will be on display and create some clutter on your dashboard. To avoid this, you can buy an optional hard wiring loom (this will be in a drop down menu on the product page). The hardwiring will only switch on the camera when the car engine is running and thus avoid battery drain.  To record when the vehicle is parked up you will need a PowerMagic PRO adapter mentioned above.

We strongly recommend that you have your camera hardwired or PowerMagic installation carried out by someone with experience in this field of work. Car Communications will be more than happy to send out one of our qualified installers who are nationwide, to carry this out on your preferred date.

Hard wired dash camera Non-Hard wired dash camera
Dash camera hard wired in Dash camera not hard wired in
(The wire is show as yellow)



Don’t become a victim of a false insurance claim; this small investment can save you a large sum in the future. 

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